I took part in a Facebook Cheeky Chat this morning: the chat was about blogging – why have a blog, how to set up a blog, what to blog about etc.  Not having a blog myself I had nothing constructive to add to the discussion but I hoped to be able to learn from experienced bloggers so that, one day, I would be able to set one up for myself.

The Cheeky Chats are amazing – an original idea created by Ali Benyon on her FB page, “Cheeky Pickle“, they are the perfect forum for ideas, experience and knowledge to be shared.  Ali has involved some amazing women over recent months, all of whom have been generous in sharing the experience they have gained as they themselves have journeyed from fledgling businesses to successful careers in the crafting industry.

The chats are now hosted by the equally generous hearted Tanya on her page, “Tickle the Imagination” and they continue to be a valuable resource, as regardless of our own level of experience in our respective crafts, there is always something to be learned from others, particularly when it comes to running a business and wanting it to grow.

A larger number of those taking part in the chats are based in Australia and the difference in time zones adds an interesting twist for me here in the UK.  Having begun the chats at 8pm in Australia (to be more specific, 8pm EST but 6pm WA time) it’s 11am in the UK so just as the chat is ending I am looking to make myself some lunch whilst Ali, Tanya and other contributors are all heading to bed after a late night.

Having thought that my participation in today’s chat would be purely information gathering, I was amused to find myself creating my very own blog halfway through the chat, by the end of which my page was customised and all that was left was to write my first post!  I wasn’t the only one to do this – Chantal from Fashion 4 Kids also took the plunge, though she opted for Blogger and, as we progress with blogging, I’m interested to see what we each think of our choice.

Well, this has turned out to be a somewhat longer post than I intended it to be!  All I meant to say was that a blog is incredibly easy to set up and is a process that can literally be done in minutes.

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to today’s Cheeky Chat, in particular: Ali and Tanya and the delightful FB pages of experienced bloggers “Inspired Wish”, “Jolene’s Mumbo Jumbo” and Angela Parquist.  When I have become more proficient in my use of WordPress I hope to include links to FB pages, but for now please bear with my naivety on how it all works – any and all advice would be very gratefully received.

Bye for now.