Day two of having a blog and I’ve had a go at editing one of my previous posts. The result? The text is tiny!

How to increase the size of the font is not obvious, and on searching in the Help section, I found this advice: “You can change fonts using HTML but it’s fiddly and maybe not worth the hassle”. Hmmm, that’s really helpful!

As the code following that advice meant absolutely nothing to me, I am left with two options:

1. Rewrite the entire post, or
2. Leave it as it is and hope that my readers have really good eyesight.

Grab your specs chaps, I’m choosing option 2…….!

Still, I’ve learnt something – once written, do not attempt to edit a post unless you are fluent in HTML.

Bye for now.



Anyone reading this will possibly be confused as to what I am talking about seeing as the font in my previous post is perfectly normal. I will explain…… Considering I used to be an IT Trainer I figured that, despite not having worked in IT for around 14 years (and believe me, a lot has changed in that time!), I might be able to have a stab at changing the font size after all. So, I had a closer look and it appears that HTML is similar to the old style “reveal codes” in WordPerfect, which I used to use in the mid 1980s. I have been able to change the font to a more legible size and I’ve even learnt how to add color. I feel so proud of myself right now 😀