When I was at school in the late 70s I recall a lesson where we talked about the future and in particular the schools of the future.  The year 2000 seemed such a long way away and we couldn’t believe what our teacher was telling us was remotely possible: one day children would do their schoolwork at home on something called a computer, and they would submit their work electronically for their teachers to mark.

Yeah, right, like that was ever going to happen!


Fast forward to the present day.  Here I am lying on the trampoline in the glorious sunshine whilst my 11 year old daughter is doing her schoolwork on our PC, working through the day’s lessons and submitting each piece “electronically” to be marked by her teachers.

My daughter doesn’t attend a state-of-the-art fee paying school or even a grammar, just an ordinary state run girls’ school here in West Kent, and today the entire school is at home testing out the school’s VLE website or ‘Frog’ through an “electronic distance learning day”.

The only thing missing are the shiny silver outfits that, way back in the day of flared trousers and glam rock bands, we all imagined would be the fashion of “the future”!