This will be a very short post from me, but I’m in the throes of writing others so I will be back to my usual chatty self very shortly.  In the meantime, I thought I might amuse you will a tale from my days at senior school.

Here I am in the 5th form (what would now be referred to as year 11) at Bexhill High School:


Well done to anyone who can identify which one is me…….

This is Mr Parton’s math’s class and it’s a photocopy of a newspaper article (hence the poor quality) celebrating the fact that we had all taken our maths o’level early.

Anyway, the reason I’m posting……..

My maiden name was Loader and there were plenty of jokes made about our name as my siblings and I were growing up: front loader washing machines, top loader vans etc: not very imaginative and not particularly funny.

However, the most humorous twist of my name happened purely by coincidence and came about on my first day at senior school.

Feeling very nervous in a huge sprawling school surrounded by hundreds of unfamiliar faces, we were called out by name and shown to our form rooms to meet our fellow classmates and our form tutor.

We were asked to find the desk with our name on, which had been arranged in alphabetical order, and sit down.  I found myself sat next to a girl called…….Sarah Gunn; our form tutor introduced himself to us as…….Mr Edward Targett.


OK, I admit that’s not particularly funny either, but it was to an 11 year old.